JSCC Library Policies

Borrowing Materials

  1. Present the item(s) to be borrowed and your current Jackson State ID Card at the circulation desk in the front lobby of the Library. You will not be allowed to check out any items without your ID.
  2. Books and pamphlets may be checked out for TWO WEEKS. You may have up to EIGHT books checked out at any time. If a longer period is needed, they may be rechecked one time, unless requested by someone else. Renewals can be done in person (with the student's ID card – books do not have to be present for renewal) or over the phone.
  3. Periodicals and reference books are to be used only in the Library and cannot be taken beyond the security system.
  4. Audio tapes and videos may be checked out for ONE WEEK. TWO audiotapes/videos may be checked out a time, and may not be rechecked.

Returning Materials

  1. Books and pamphlets should be returned through the slot in the side of the circulation desk. If the Library is closed, these items should be placed in the book return outside the building.
  2. Audio tapes and videos should be returned to the front desk.
  3. Notices on overdue items will be mailed. However, any student having materials overdue at the end of the semester will have grades withheld until the materials are returned or paid for.
  4. The borrower is responsible for returning all library materials promptly and in good condition. Should materials be damaged or lost, the charges for the materials will consist of the cost of replacing the item, and a $20.00 processing fee.

Reserve Materials

Reserve materials are those items selected by the instructors for use by their entire classes. This may include books, videos, copies of articles, or the professor's notes. These sources are available at the circulation desk and may be used in the library only, unless otherwise indicated. You must have your student ID card to use reserve materials.


Students are expected to adhere to campus policies while using the library. Talking quietly is permitted in the front half of the library. A no-talking policy is enforced in the Quiet Study Areas – the carrels and desks alongside the book stacks. When in the library, please set cell phones to vibrate or turn ringer volume down. Take or make phone calls only in glass-enclosed library entrance areas or outside the building. Theft or destruction of library property will result in disciplinary action.

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