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Accelerated Reader List: Humboldt

The Accelerated Reader list is provided by the library to help students find books for their Accelerated Reader class. To print the list select "File" and then "Print" from the toolbar at the top of your web browser.

Title Author Call Number Points
AppealGrisham, JohnPS3557.R5355 A8619
Are you in the house alone?Peck, RichardPZ7.P338 Ar6
AssociateGrisham, JohnPS3557.R5355 A9517
BleachersGrisham, JohnPS3557.R5355 B586
Blood is thickerLangan, PaulPZ7.L364 Bl4
BraveLipsyte, RobertPZ7.L67 Br5
Brian's ReturnPaulsen, GaryPZ7.P2843 Bp4
Brian's WinterPaulsen, GaryPZ7.P2843 Br5
BrokerGrisham, JohnPS3557.R5355 B7616
Bud, not BuddyCurtis, Paul ChristopherPZ7.C94137 Bu8
BullyLangan, PaulPZ7.L364 Bu5
Call it CourageSperry, ArmstrongPZ8.1.S75 Cal3
Chocolate WarCormier, RobertPZ7.C81634 Ch8
ChoiceSparks, NicholasPS3569.P363 C4613
Color me DarkMcKissack, Patricia C.PZ7.M478693 Cm5
ConfessionGrisham, JohnPS3557.R5355 C6621
ContenderLipsyte, RobertPZ7.L67 Co5
Dear JohnSparks, NicholasPS3569.P363 D4313
Dear Mr. HenshawCleary, BeverlyPZ7.C5792 De3
Dogsong Paulsen, GaryPZ7.P2843 Do5
Don't hurt LaurieRoberts, Wille Davis PZ7.R54465 Do6
Durango StreetBonham, FrankPZ7.B6515 Bu7
Escape from WarsawSerrailier, IanPZ8.1.S4575 Esc6
Face on the Milk CartonCooney, Caroline B.PZ7.C7834 Fac6
FallenLangan, PaulPZ7.L364 Fa3
Ford CountryGrisham, JohnPS3557.R5355 F6713
Forged by fireDraper, Sharon M.PZ7.D78325 Fo5
GiverLowry, LoisPZ7.L9673 Gi7
GoatsCole, BrockPZ7.C67342 Go6
Harris and mePaulsen, GaryPZ7.P2843 Har5
HatchetPaulsen, GaryPZ7.P2843 Ha7
HoopsMyers, Walter DeanPZ7,M992 Ho7
I am the CheeseCormier, RobertPZ7.C81634 I27
I Heard the Owl Call my NameCravan, MargaretPS3553.R277 I46
I know what you did last summerDuncan, LoisPZ7.D9117 Iak8
I thought my soul would rise and flyHansen, JoycePZ7.H1933 Iaj5
Iceberg HermitRoth, ArthurPZ7.R727 Ic8
Is anybody there?Bunting, EvePZ7.B91527 Is4
IslandPaulsen, GaryPZ7.P2843 Is8
It's not the end of the worldBlume, JudyPZ7.B6265 It4
Jump Ship to FreedomCollier, James LincolnPZ7.C678 Ju7
Just as long as we're togetherBlume, JudyPZ7.B6265 Ju7
King of TortsGrisham, JohnPS3557.R5355 K5517
Last SongSparks, NicholasPS3569.P363 L37 17
Look for me by MoonlightHahn, Mary DowningPZ7.H1256 Lo7
Lost and FoundSchraff, AnnePZ7.S3768 Lo4
Lost BoyPelzer, David J.HV881 .P45 9
Lucky oneSparks, NicholasPS3569.P363 L8314
Man named DavePelzer, David J.HV883.C2 P4715
Matter of TrustSchraff, AnnePZ7.S3768 Ma3
Miracles on Maple HillSorensen, VirginiaPZ7.S72 Mi7
Missing since MondayMartin, AnnPZ7.M356758 Mi5
MonumentPaulsen, GaryPZ7.P2843 Mo3
Mouse RapMyers, Walter DeanPZ7.M992 Mou5
My Life in Dog YearsPaulsen, GaryPZ7.P2843 My3
No Promises in the WindHunt, IrenePZ7.H9156 No8
Painted JouseGrisham, JohnPS3557.R5355 P3119
Pinballs Byars, BetsyPZ7.B9836 Pi33
Red PonySteinbeck, JohnPS3537.T3234 R46
Remember MeClark, Mary HigginsPS3553.L287 R46 13
RiflePaulsen, GaryPZ7.P2843 Ri4
RunawayGrisham, JohnPS3557.R5355 R8 23
SeanceNixon, Joan LoweryPZ7.N65 Sb5
Secrets in the ShadowsSchraff, AnnePZ7.S3768 Se3
Shadow ClubShusterman, NealPZ7.W8182 Sh5
ShilohNaylor, Phyllis ReynoldsPZ7.N24 Sg4
Skipping ChristmasGrisham, JohnPS3557.R5355 S586
Sojourner Truth ain't I a woman?McKissack, Patricia C.E185.97.T8 M385
Soldier's HeartPaulsen, GaryPZ7.P2843 So2
Someone is Hiding on Alcatraz IslandBunting, EvePZ7.B91527 So4
Standing in the LightOsborne, Mary PopePZ7.O81167 St4
Stranger with my FaceDuncan, LoisPZ7.D9117 St9
Streams to the river, river to the seaO'Dell, ScottPZ7.O237 St7
Summer of SecretsLangan, PaulPZ7.L364 Su4
Summer of the SwansByars, BetsyPZ7.B9839 Su4
Summer to DieLowry, LoisPZ7.L9673 Su5
SweetgrassHudson, JanP{Z7.H8665 Sw5
Tears of a TigerDraper, Sharon M.PZ7.D78325 Te4
That was then, this is nowHinton, S. E.PS3557.R5355 T445
Theodore BooneGrisham, JohnPS3557.R5355 T448
They call me CoachWooden, JohnGV884.W66 A36
Tiger eyesBlume, JudyPZ7.B6265 Ti6
TrackerPaulsen, GaryPZ7.P2843 Tr2
Until we meet againSchraff, AnnePZ7.S3768 Un4
War between the ClassesMiklowits, GloriaPZ7.M593 Wa5
WeaselDeFelice, CynthiaPZ7.D3597 We4
Westward to HomeHermes, PatriciaPZ7.H4317 We1
What Jamie sawComan, CarolynPZ7.C729 Wh3
WoodsongPaulsen, GaryF610.P385