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Accelerated Reader List: Savannah

The Accelerated Reader list is provided by the library to help students find books for their Accelerated Reader class. To print the list select "File" and then "Print" from the toolbar at the top of your web browser.

Title Author Call Number Points
1st To DiePatterson, JamesPS3566 .A822 A61312
A Jar of DreamsUchida, YoshikoPZ7 .U25 Jar 19934
American DragonsYep, LaurencePZ 5 .A51144 199510
AppealGrisham, JohnPS3557 .R5355 A86 200819
At Home in MitfordKaron, JanPS3561 .A678 A9223
At RiskPatricia CornwellPS3553 .O692 A936
Before I Say Goodbye Clark, Mary HigginsPS 3553 .L287 B44 200118
Behind the LinesHolland, IsabellePZ 7 .H7083 Be 19947
Bell Jar, ThePlath, SylviaPS 3566 .L27 B4 1996b11
Big Bad Wolf, ThePatterson, JamesPS3566 .A822 B5411
Black Horses for the KingMcCaffrey, AnnePS3563 .A255 B53 19988
Blood is ThickerLanganPZ 7 .L364 BI 2004 c.15
Brethren, TheGrisham, JohnPS 3557 .R5355 B74 200120
Broken BridgeReid-BanksPZ 7 .R2737 Br 199612
BrokerGrisham, JohnPS3557 .R5355 B76 200616
Brothers in ArmsLanganPZ 7 .L364 Br 2004 c.24
Brothers in ArmsPaul LanganPZ7 .L364 BR 2004 c.14
Buddy Love Now on VideoCooper, IlenePZ 7 .C7856 BU 19986
Bully, TheLanganPZ7 .L364 Bu5
CaptiveHanson, JoycePZ 7 .H19825 Cap 19946
Catherine, Called BirdyCushman, KarenPZ 7 .C962 Cat 19959
Cherokee Bat and Goat GuysBlock, FrancescaPZ7 B61945 Ch3
Cold FireJoontz, DeanPS3561 .O55 C6 1991b23
ConfessionGrisham, JohnPS3557 .R5355 C66 201121
Da Vinci Code, TheBrown, DanPS3552 .R685434 D323
Daddy's Little GirlClark, Mary Higgins PS3553 .L287 D3313
Danger ZoneKlass, DavidPZ 7 .K67813 DAN 19969
Dark LiesSumner, M.CPS 3569 .U465 D37 19977
Deadly SecretsSumner, M.C.PS 3569 .U465 D43 19977
Dean DuffyPowell, RandyPZ7 .P8778 De7
Dear JohnSparks, NicholasPS3569.P363 D43 200813
Diamond in the WindowLangton, JanePZ7 .L2717 Di10
Dog DaysHowell, Kathleen CollinsPZ7.R6185 Do3
DrumsBoyd, JamesPS3503 .O885 D7825
Fallen, TheLanganPZ7 .L364 Fa5
Firm, TheJohn GrishamPS3557 .R5355 F5720
Ford County StoriesGrisham, JohnPS3557 .R5355 F67 201013
Glory FieldMyers, Walter DeanPZ7 .M992 GL16
Good EarthPearl S. BuckPS3505 .U198 G619
Great GatsbyFitzgerald, F. ScottPS3511 .19 G78
Gun, TheLanganPS3523 .A57433 G865
HatchetPaulsen, GaryPZ7 .P2843 Hat5
Having Our SayDelanyE 185.96 .D37 1994b15
Heart of a WomanAngelou,MayaPS3551 .N464 Z46515
Heart of DarknessConrad, JosephPR6005 .O4 H4 1997b8
Holding Me HereConrad, PamPZ7 .C76476 Ho7
I Had Seen CastlesRylant, CynthiaPZ7 .R982 Iad3
I Know Why The Caged Bird SingsAngelou, MayaPS3551 .N464 Z46613
IceNaylor, Phyllis ReynoldsPZ7 .N24 Ic8
IcemanLynch, ChrisPS3562 .Y4 133 19957
J is for JudgmentGrafton, SuePS3557 .R13 J215
Jude The ObscureThomas HardyPR4746 .A127
King of Torts, TheGrisham, JohnPS3557 .R5355 K5520
King's ShadowAlder, ElizabethPZ7 .A26153 Ki12
Knot in the Grain and Other StoriesMcKinley, RobinPZ7.M1988 Kn10
Kokopelli's FluteHobbs, WillPZ7 .H6524 Ko6
Last Juror, TheGrisham, JohnPS3557 .R5355 L3719
Last Safe Place on EarthPeck, RichardPS3566 .E2526 L3 19957
Letters My Mother Never ReadSueckHV883 .P4 S84 20046
Life on the Color LineWilliams, Gregory HowardKF373 .W474 A317
Like Sisters on the HomefrontWilliams-Garcia, RitaPZ7 .W6714 Li8
Look for Me By MoonlightHahn, Mary DowningPZ7 .H1256 Lo8
Lost and FoundSchraffPZ7 .S3768 Lo5
Lostman's RiverDeFelice, CynthiaPZ7 .D3597 Lo7
Lucky OneSparks, NicholasPS3569 .P363 L83 201014
Making the Most of your LifeLangan, John (Ed)HF5386 .M76 20086
Man Named DavePelzer, DaveHV883 .C2 P4715
Marisol and MagdalenaChambers, VeronicaPZ7 .C3575 Mar5
Matter of Trust, ASchraffPZ7 .S3768 Ma5
Missing PiecesMazer, Norma FoxPZ7 .M47398 Mil6
Moonstone, TheWilkie CollinsPR4494 .M6234
My AntoniaCather, WillaPS3505 .A87 M814
My Gal SundayClark, Mary HigginsPS3553 .L287 M913
MythologyEdith HamiltonBL310 .H320
Name of the Game was MurderNixon, Joan LoweryPZ7 .N65 Nam8
Never Say QuitWallace, BillPZ7 .W15473 NE5
Night TerrorsSumner, M.C.PS3569 .U465 N54 19977
Nighttime Is My TimeMary Higgins ClarkPS3553 .L287 N5416
On the Court with...Lisa LeslieChristopher, MattGV884.L47 C573
One Tuesday MorningKingsbury, KarenPS3561 .I4873 O5419
OverdueCusick, Richie TankersleyPS3553 .U72 O938
Pelican BriefGrisham, JohnPS3557 .R5355 P416
Place to Call HomeKoller, Jackie FrenchPZ7 .K833 Pl9
Playing for PizzaGrisham, JohnPS3557 .R5355 P5611
Pool of FireChristopher, JohnPZ7 .C457 Po9
Power and GloryGreene, GrahamPR6013 .R44 P616
ProtectorHenderson, DeePS3558 .E4829 P76 200115
Racketeer, TheGrisham, JohnPS3557 .R5355 R3317
Ramsay ScallopTemple, FrancesPZ7 .T244 Ram12
Remember MeMary Higgins ClarkPS3553 .L287 R4613
Return with HonorO'Grady, ScottDR 1313.7 .A47 O3810
RiflePaulsen, GaryPS3566 .A834 R543
RimwalkersGrove, VickiePZ7 .G9275 Ri9
Rising StarCrichton, MichaelPS3553 .R48 R5715
RootsAlex HaleyE 185.97 .H24 A3348
Runaway JuryGrisham, JohnPS3557 .R5355 R823
Sea-WolfJack LondonPS3523 .O46 S4218
Search for SafetyLangan, JohnPZ7 .L364 Se5
Season For GoodbyeMcDaniel, LurlenePZ7 .M4784172 Sea5
Second Time AroundMary Higgins ClarkPS3553 .L287 S4314
Secret of Sanctuary IslandMonson, A. M.PZ7 .M7628 SA4
Secrets in the ShadowsSchraffPZ7 .S3768 Se5
See How They RunPatterson, JamesPS3566 .A822 S4310
ShatteredLangan, PaulPZ7 .L364 Sh5
Silas MarnerGeorge EliotPR4670 .A114
Sister to SisterJohnson, BethE185.86 .S5710
Skipping ChristmasGrisham, JohnPS3557 .R5355 S586
Slot MachineLynch, ChrisPZ7 .L979739 SL11
Soldiers' HeartPaulsen, GaryPZ7 .P2843 So5
Someone to Love MeSchraffPZ7 .S3768 So5
Star FlightWhitney, PhyllisPS3545 .H8363 S714
Stranger Is WatchingMary Higgins ClarkPS3553 .L287 S87210
Striking OutWeaver, WillPS3573 .E192 S7710
Summer of SecretsLanganPZ7 .L364 Su5
Summer on WheelsSoto, GaryPZ7.S7242 Su5
Summons, TheGrisham, JohnPS3557 .R5355 S8613
Tale of Two CitiesCharles DickensPR4571 .A15
Temple of My FamiliarAlice WalkerPS3573 .A425 T4623
Ten Real Life StoriesLangan, John (ed)PE1127 .B53 L36 20068
Thames Doesn't Rhyme with JamesDanziger, PaulaPZ7 .D2394 Tg5
The Call of The WildLondon, JackPS3523 .O46 C37
The Moon and IByars, BetsyPZ7.B9836 Mo 19943
The Moon And IByars, BetsyPZ7.B9836 Mo3
Theodore Boone, Kid LawyerGrisham, JohnPS3557 .R5355 T448
Thief of HeartsYep, LaurencePZ7 .Y44 Th7
Troubling StarL'Engle, MadeleinePZ7 .L5385 Tr16
Two Little Girls in BlueMary Higgins ClarkPS3553 .L287 T9613
Until We Meet AgainSchraffPZ7 .S3768 Un5
Voices from VietnamDeneberg, BarryDS 559.5 .D4613
Voyage of the FrogPaulsen, GaryPZ7 .P2843 Vo6
Walking Up a RainbowTaylor, TheodorePZ7 .T2186 Wal12
We'll Meet AgainClark, Mary HigginsPS3553 .L287 W4618
What HeartsBrooks, BrucePZ7 .B7913 Wh7
What Jamie SawComan, CarolynPZ7 .C729 Wh5
Wind Blows BackwardHahn, Mary DowningPZ7 .H1256 Wi13
Wishsong of ShannaraTerry BrooksPS3552 .R6596 W529
WoodsongPaulsen, GaryF610 .P38 20026
Wouldn't Take Nothing For My Journey NowAngelou, MayaPS3551 .N464 W682
Yearling, TheMarjorie Kinnan RawlingsPS3535 .A845 Y419
You Belong To MeMary Higgins ClarkPS3553 .L287 Y6816