Van Veatch Room

The Jackson State Community College Library has a small meeting /study room known as the Van Veatch Room. It has a table with comfortable seating for 6-10 people. There is a telephone and wireless access to the Internet. Food and drinks may be served there.

Reserving the Van Veatch room

  1. Reservations should be made with the library staff.  Reservations can be made in person at the library front desk or by calling 425-2609.
  2. Two or more students can reserve the room.
  3. People reserving the Van Veatch room should state their reason for using it, as well as give the name, phone number and email address of a contact person.
  4. JSCC personnel and students may reserve the Van Veatch room for college business, meetings, training or study, but the room may not be reserved for personal or commercial reasons.
  5. The Van Veatch room is for persons affiliated with the college only..
  6. Reservations should be made with the library staff. The number to call is 425-2609. People reserving the room should state the reason for reserving the room. People reserving the room for a meeting should give the name of the meeting and a contact person with phone number and e-mail.
  7. The room may not be reserved for personal or commercial reasons. The room is for study and school-related meetings.

Use of the Van Veatch room

  1. Meetings must take place within library hours of operation. Groups must vacate Van Veatch room at least 15 minutes prior to the library's closing
  2. Groups may serve non-alcoholic beverages in the Van Veatch Room. Food is allowed also. Clean-up is the responsibility of the group serving refreshments; the room is to be left in a clean and orderly condition.
  3. If a group uses a coffeemaker, it is to be turned off, unplugged and cleaned before group vacates the room.