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This service is available for Jackson State Off-campus students only. This includes those taking courses at the Jackson State Centers in Savannah and Lexington, as well as off-campus sites in Bolivar, Brownsville, Camden, Huntingdon, McKenzie, Middleton, Milan, Paris, Parsons and Whiteville. Additionally, students taking online courses may utilize this service.  In addition, dual enrollment students may also request copies of books on interlibrary loan.

This form is only to be used for books that are owned by the Jackson State Library. Please check the online library catalog to see if the book is available before requesting it.

The book will be sent within 2 weekdays of receipt of this form. You will have the book for two weeks. You are responsible for returning the book, either in person, or by mail. The return postage will be at your own cost. If you need the book an additional two weeks, contact the Jackson State library at (731) 425-2609 or, if in the 731 area code, (800) 355-JSCC.

You must use this form multiple times if you need to request additional books. Required fields are indicated by and asterisk '*'.

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